LED Panel Lights

LED panel light is one of the most popular luminaire for commercial lighting, with continuous modification of its design, light efficiency, CRI, UGR and smart function,Upshien Lighting is always
capable of providing customers helpful solution and best price, that’s the main reason UPSHINE Lighting is preferred supplier of LED panel in the market.

UPSHINE LED panel family supply different solution for project and distribution, such us regular LED panel with high Lumen and low UGR, CCT changing LED panel light, waterproof led panel, frameless led panel, Up/down emitting led panel, big size round led panel with recessed / surface mounted / pendant installation. Sizes includes led panel 30x30,led panel 60x60 and led panel 120 x 30 ects. Popular led panel 2700k and led panel 3000k, even 4000k,5000k you can select by yourself. If you need CCT adjustable led panel light we also provide. 

TUV-CE approved Up-shine driver and Lifud, Tridonic, Philips driver ensure our reputation of quality always. Want know more Upshine led panel infos? Contact us now.

LED Panel Light accessories Introduction

UGR 19 LED Panel Light

What is the difference between back lit and edge lit led panel light?

What’s the different between led ceiling light and panel light?

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