As a professional LED lighting manufacturer with 10 years experience, Up-shine is always trying to develop wide range of different technology products, include popular tunable white. Recently Up-shine has launched a series of light with tunable white technology: Downlight,panel light,ceiling light,etc. 

tunable white led

Why tunable white is getting more and more popular?

tunable white technology

As humans, it is not uncommon for us to spend most of our day in enclosed areas. Seamlessly adjustable colour temperatures – from cool white to warm white – bring natural lighting effects, with all of the associated advantages, from outside to inside, and make it possible to properly target individual needs and situations. As a result, Tunable White supports the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which puts people at the heart of lighting design. As well as perfect conditions for reading and working, HCL is primarily focused on the circadian rhythm, which controls, among other things, our body clocks. 

As studies have shown, cool white light with a high proportion of blue light has a stimulating effect and promotes concentration, whereas warm white light is calming. Therefore, Tunable White creates an environment that helps us in a natural way – just like daylight.

Scientific studies have shown that when indoor light mimics the warm to cool cycle of natural daylight, people receive a number of benefits, including a more restful night's sleep and greater alertness during the day. This circadian entrainment is especially beneficial for those who do not have access to natural daylight, such as shift workers, office workers, hospital and nursing home patients, and correctional inmates.

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