Now we are growing awareness of environmental protection, so we began to work and use more energy- saving products. Many people began to notice that there are a lot of things that can be improved around us. for example, some one want to change the too monotonous,old fashioned fluorescent bulbs. if we update to LED lights, we’re not only saving more spending, but also fashion and excellent LED lights can be interesting. We would like to recommend a new high lumen led track light fixture.

Environment friendly LED Track Light


Suspended LED Track Light with Straightforward Design

This new led track light is not only having stylish appearance, but also environmental friendly can save more money. if you want to decorate your home, choose this one is right. It can also gives space more clear and lively feelings. you should pay more that this Suspension wire adopts pull- resistance triple-core wire wrapped with woven cloth, compare to steel wire, it is more easy install.

Buy LED Track Light


Suspended LED Track Light with Straightforward Design

Features of COB LED Track Light with high efficiency

  • CE, RoHS, SAA approved
    LED Type:Branded COB
    Track Light Life Span:40,000 hours
    Beam Angle: 15°/24°/36° wide beam angle
    Color Temperature: 2700K -5000K
    High quality reflector
    AL6063 Aluminum radiator
    Excellent heat dissipation
    Corrosion resistance
    High lumen COB chip with high CRI
    Built-in driver
    Strong anti-jamming capability
    Short-circuit protection
    Overvoltage protection function
    High safety performance
    Up to 70% energy saving compared to
    Standard CFL
    No UV/IR light
    Environment friendly

If you are looking for led lights perfect for home decoration, you are do miss this UPSHINE PD02 COB  LED Track light. Compact and energy saving LED track light is really very easy to handle, flexible and reasonable. welcome you to contact us.


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