Many people always confused the LED panel light and ceiling light, In fact, from the appearance and the actual use are very different, right now UPSHINE would like to give you some suggestions about the different from LED ceiling light and LED panel light. So that after you pick the lights you can choose from your own requirements.


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what is panel light

Firstly we want to share common ground between led ceiling light fixture and led panel light. they all adopts LED as light source, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective. Usually they can as indoor lighting, belong to commercial LED lighting.

Secondly, We talk about their differences from four factors-Apperance, Price, Installation and Application.


LED ceiling light’s shape are available, Now ceiling fixtures have different shapes and patterns for customers to choose from, there are a lot of custom models in the market, and it is very popular. But we see the panel lights shape are generally round or square.


Generally speaking, Led panel light fixtures is more expensive than led ceiling lights, Of course, this price also depend on the specific parameters, function, power.


with the technoloy developed, LED ceiling lights can also have two installation waysto meet different customer’s application, one is a surface mounted kit, other is a suspension kit, both are convenient. LED panel lamp’s installation ways more available. recessed, suspending and surface mounted. so you should combine your housing structure to decide which installations is more safe and
simple for you.


Led ceiling lamps is suitable for residential application, such as home, corridor, aisle use ects. Then Led panel lights can be used for commercial application, like office, supermarket, warehouse and school so on.

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