What LED lighting company should I choose? or Which company LED lights are best and reliable? there are a large number of companies in the market, if you want to select a high performance led lighting fixtures supplier is difficult. A variety of lighting factors you must be considered, such as professional Upshine commercial lighting company, We always support wide choice for Led lighting products and has a number of led patents.Up-shine have a wide range of products with complete family, different choices are available to match with your project or market.


1.Product type:

Downlight, panel, ceiling, track, linear, batten, tube, wall, spike, garden light.

2.Led brand and type :

COB---Cree, Citizen.
SMD---Hongli, Bridgelux, Samsung optional.

3.IP :

IP20, IP40, IP44. IP54. IP66. IP67.

4.IK : 

IK06/ IK08/IK10.

5.Installation :

Surface mounted, recessed, suspending.

6.Shape :

Round, square, regular.

7.Surface color :

White, black, silver etc.

8.CCT :

2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K.

9.Materials :

Aluminium, PC, mental.

10.CRI :

80,90, 95

11.UGR :

<19, >19.


1)Up-shine driver, with flicker, flicker-free.
2)Other branded driver, with flicker, flicker-free.
3)No driver.

13.Functions :

  • Dimming : Triac /Dali /0-10V
  • CCT changeable by slide switch.
  • CCT changeable by wall switch.
  • 2.4G wifi wirelessness  dimmable and changeable.
  • Bluetooth dimmable and changeable.
  • Sensor : regular sensor / Adjustable sensor/ sensor by remote controller.
  • Emergency 
  • Emergency + Sensor.
  • Power Switchable.
  • Double emission.
  • Tunable white.
  • Dim to warm

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