As a fashionable and commercial led lighting fixtures, led batten light has beeen has become more and more popular, especially in large parking lots, shopping malls and offices room ects. However, many people still ask some questions, for example "what is a batten light?","led batten vs tube light","led batten meaning" so on, now we would like to introduce you "what is led batten"?

led batten vs tube light

what is a batten light?

LED batten lights, which are the newly & mondern equivalent of fluorescent tube fixtures. But led tube batten full with best advantages, especiall it adopts LED as light source is not only saving more energy, but also save more money. More importantly, compared to the traditional tube lights,  batten light can provide more stylish look. High quality led batten light fittings would play very significant role for the entire project. 

High Lumen LED Batten Tube Light

115lm/w LED Batten Tube Light Recommended

High-end performance UPSHINE DB18 LED batten, which can provide long lasting and energy efficient lighting. Let us see the best features of it.
Best Features of LED Tube Batten:

  • High Lumen:115lm/w 
  • Input voltage:100Vac -277Vac
  • Impact protection: IK10
  • LED service life: approx. 50,000 hours @L80/B10 25°C.
  • End caps: made of shockproof polycarbonate (PC).
  • Colour rendering index (CRI): Ra > 80
  • LED batten light IP66
  • Flexible installation through sliding mounting bracket
  • Extruded PC opal diffuser with inner prisms and UV resistant

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This is why we are providing led tube battens, best replacement for traditional fluorescent tubes. Surface mounted and suspended you can choose from. Check out our widest range of lighting battens.

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