Warehouses as an indispensable important place, so when it comes to warehouse lighting and warehouse lighting solutions, we want to ask some questions, such as what kind of LED lighting should I choose? or what are the types of LED lights applicable for warehouses? There are fives factors that can effect the warehouse lighting.

warehouse lighting

The Safety of LED lights

Lighting for warehouse should be dustproof, corrosion protection and explosion-proof performance, whether it is waterproof or shockproof, it must meet certain standards. Ensure the safety of warehouse lightings is very important.

The Longer Lifetime of Warehouse Lighting

It is not advisable for the warehouse to change the lamps frequently, so we usually choose a high performance and longer hours led lights, it is not only reducing the maintain costs and improving the stability of led lamps.  

Energy Saving 

Saving more energy and environment friendly led products are more popular in the woldwide. any occasion lighting shoulb be energy efficiency, warehouses are no exception.

The Height of Warehouse 

Low-rise warehouses are 4-6 meters,middle-level warehouses are 6-15 meters,special high-rise warehouses are 15 meters.Different heights and meters will install different light fixtures.

Illuminance of Warehouse Lights Used

Appropriately illuminance is beneficial to improve work efficiency, for wokers, they can clearly identify the labels on the goods. 

Where to buy modern warehouse lighting and get top quality lighting at an affordable price, we’re always looking for ways to make our light better and introduce your some hot sale lightings.

Warehouse High Bay Lighting

warehouse high bay lighting

Modern LED Corn Light

modern warehouse lighting

Tri-proof LED light

warehouse lighting solutions

IP65 Weatherproof Batten

Warehouse Lights Used

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