Finding modern and unique lighting design is very popular, especially for young people. Our Upshine also keeps up with the fashion lighting trend, created many awesome LED track light fixtures. Right now we want to share two different led track lightings.

Upshine Round LED Track Light VS Square LED Track Light


Square LED Track Lighting

UP-TL01 LED led track light bulb used sharp COB light source as LED soure, that can enhance track light fitting’s quality, when brightening in house or anyother places, it can make your eyes feel comfortable and reduce the damage to the eyes. Dimmable led track light performs high effiency and energy saving, and environmental-friendly. TL01 LED track light only has one power output-25watts.

high lumen led track lighting


Round LED Track Lighting Fixture

UP-TL02 LED track light with round apperance, which adopts Brand COB LED chips with excellent color rendering index. it is not only increasing the color fidelity of the target illuminated object, but also saving more energy and improve high efficiency. Aluminium reflector is best for heat dissipation, even though light output without glare & dark spot. 12W/25W/35W/45W track lighting you can choose from.

high efficiency led track light

The same features of indoor led track lights

  • 360 degree in horizontal direction
    180 in vertical direction
    1-circuit adapter,3-circuit adapter are all available.
    excellent heat dissipation
    High CRI COB LEDs
    Applications: supermarket, specialty store, show window, exhibition hall

Moreover we would like to provide the you how to install track light on ceiling from start to finish. Installing led track light fixtures can be divided into three steps in total.


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