Have you ever noticed different work place have different office lighting color temperature? We believe you have knowledges of different light color temperature is suitable for different areas. For example in the office space, it is not only having work area, but also including meeting room, rest area and pantry ects. So it is important to choose best color temperature for office lighting!

Recommended kelvin levels for office lighting,Try to use a low color temperature in the office space so that staffs can relax and improve efficiency. Which kelvin color temperature is chosen depends on different regions and different races.

We would like to show you some best color temperature for office lighting, and which color temperature is chosen depends on the situation.

office lighting color temperature

best color temperature for office lighting

recommended kelvin levels for office lighting

The meaningful way to choose the right office lighting temperature is featuring with high-end performance dimmable lighting fixtures. you can control the color temperature for office lighting, from warm white to cool white. A more effective way is to look for professional lighting designer and lighting manufacturer, They can give a reasonable solution according to your specific needs. If you want know more kelvin levels for office lighting, you can contact us, a leading led lighting manufacturer, we can support the best color temperature for your office lighting!

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