Want to realize both normal lighting and focus lighting in commercial business places? Do you need to buy two different beam angle led downlights ? NO! You don’t need to do that. UPSHINE Adjustable LED Downlight will realize this lighting effect. It is unique designed with reflector, can rotate 45°in vertical direction with flexible fixture. Pefect for cloth store, market, Gallery and other places.

Pictures show :

Adjustable COB Downlight

What is the annual sale level of this adjustable downlight ?

In 2015, we have sold 386852 pcs to many european countries, in 2016, this data will be higher.

Then why it is popular among customers?
Because it save customers’ cost, how ?

1.45° Adjustable design helps you to change the lighting scope, saving cost of another downlight.
2.Use high power Citizen COB LED chip, Isolated driver solution with PF>0.9,saving power consumption.
3.Its ADC12 die-casting aluminium profile provides excellent heat dissipation.
4.Long lifetime of 40,000 hours, No UV/IR light
5.Recessed design makes it very easy to install,saving cost for more labor cost.
6.Environment friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances
7.Strictly meet European and Australian safty standard.

Where you can use this adjustable led downlight ?

IP 20 for indoor lighting, you can use it in office, supermarket, shop, school, hotel etc, especially in cloth shop and gallery. Under below is two project cases of UP-SHINE led downlight.

Options available for you :

Adjustable COB Downlight

2.5inch 13w Ø96*115*67mm cutout Ø85-88mm
6 inch 18w / 25w / 35w Ø180*100mmcutout Ø160-170mm

This is really a best choice for commercial lighting, are you interested ? Any comments or suggestions, welcome to let me know, we desire for it and we can discuss it together.

Thank you for your time!
Valera Lee
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