As we known, that LED lighting is very popular in the light market. According to American Consumers’ Association (CFA) consumer survey, which conducted recently. The results show that a typical Amercian family used at least 20 bulbs at home. As the average use of more than 20 light bulbs, if consumers can change the incandescent and halogen lamps with LED lights, that can save more than
$1,000 during 10 years period.

How efficient are LED light bulbs

Why do we use LED lights?

Now we are widely used LED lights, special in commercial lighting and residential lighting. There are some reasons why we choose LED lights.

1.LED light can save energy and reduce consumer’s lighting expenditure, it can also suppress the use of electricity, thereby reduce thye demand of new power plants. After all building a plant is not only requiring expensive costs, but also is bad for environment.

2.With the technology development of LED light, the price of LED light bulbs has fallen a lot. But there are some people think the price is so high. But in fact,we can carefully consider that LED lamp lifespan is more longer than incandescent lights. Meanwhile you do not need to pay more fee to swith bulbs.

3.In addition to saving money, using LED lightings also have a significance in energy saving. Compared to traditional lamps, LED light distributed less heat. In fact, incandescent bulbs release about 90% of the energy as heat. LED lights use the energy reduction of 75-80%. if someone ask Which light bulbs produce the least heat? that must be LED light so far.

So whether it is from saving energy or saving consumer spending, LED lights are a very good choice. If you plan to update your home lighting with LED, You can not miss our UPSHINE Website.

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