Upshine linear track lighting kits, 10W/20W/30W/40W mini track lighting kits you do not miss them. Compared to those who design obsolete led lighting products, this mini track lighting can provide an abundance of light and make your interior space more softer.

Mini LED Track Lighting

Mini track lighting kits, which have multi-directional light fixture heads to illuminate different places where the light do not reach. This energy saving led track lights can not only enhance the quality of your life, but also save money that you can buy more things you want and this can be green and environmental protection. Do you want to learn more? 

Linear Track Lighting Kits Series

Commercial linear track lighting kits, with high-end performance and best technologies, which use COB chip as a light source to reach high efficiency lighting. Anti glare mini LED track lighting can protect your eyes. Especial in the exhibition, I believe good lighting is very important for the display products. Moreover dimmable mini track lighting kits are very practical and stylish. you can change the CCT of the LED track lighting, like 3000K mini LED track lighting or 5000K mini LED track lighting.

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