Would like to learn more about led microwave sensor light? We are please to recommend you this gorgeous microwave sensor ceiling light, it is not only hvaing microwave motion sensor function, but also having emergency CCT changeable features. 

microwave motion sensor

From the apperance of this microwave sensor ceiling light, simple and mondern design can suitable for many applictaions, such as office, corridor and living room ects. As a popular indoor motion sensor ceiling light fixture, more practical and make your life more easy. you will have a crush on it.

microwave sensor ceiling light

So how do motion sensor lights work?

1.The indoor ceiling motion sensor light has 140 degree wide detective beam angle with 5~7 meters distance.
2.Under any light condition, the microwave sensor light will switch on automatically when presence is detected.After presence left the detective area, the light will keep time-delay for 30 seconds ,then switches off automatically. 
3.The led microwave sensor light will keep working for another hold time(30 seconds) if other movement is detected after the presence left, then switch off until next movement detected.

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