When it comes to replacing fluorescent light fixture with led tube, many people begin to accept this and adopt more led lights ion life. LED Tube Lights VS Fluorescent, Certainly led tube light is a better choice.there a couple of reasons to tell you why led fluorescent tube replacement is necessary and advisable!

LED Tube Lights VS Fluorescent

Principle Of Lighting
The principle of fluorescent lighting is different from the led tubes. when the ballast is energized, Fluorescent lamp will generate high voltage, which stimulates the discharge between the two pins inside the lamp tube, and then excites the phosphor to emit light. But the whole lighting process will produce high heat effect.LED Tube Lights is the electron migration inside the semiconductor, the luminescence generated, and the luminescence process does not generate lighting heat.

LED vs Tube Fluorescent Efficiency

led vs fluorescent tube comparison chart

LED vs Fluorescent Tube Lighting Quality 

Fluorescent tube will lighting stonger,easy to flash and older quickly, fluorescent lighting easy let our eyes feel fatigue.The CRI of fluorescent lamp is 65-80. In contrary, led fluorescent replacement
light's CRI usually more than 80, replacing fluorescent light fixture with led also produce more soft lighting. Now kinds of led tubes have the dimmable function, color temperature can be controled. It's
great way to replace fluorescent light to create soft lighting enviornment.

LED vs Fluorescent Lifetime

Compared to led tube light,the lifetime of fluorescent lamp is shorter. because fluorescent tube light easy create burning, thermal deposition and light attenuation.if the fluorescent lamp starts or turns off frequently, the filament will quickly become necrotic.Different with led replacement fluorescent light, it adopts led chips as a light source, the longer lifespan can reach 5-10 years,led fluorescent tube replacement will reduce largely maintain costs.

Price of led tube lights vs fluorescent

Compared to fluorescent tube,the price of led tubes is higher,but but we should pay more attention to led tube price trends, for years, the cost of led tube light have been reduced and energy saving function, led tube lights is more cost-effective than fluorescent.

LED vs fluorescent safety

LED fluorescent tube replacement is environmentally friendly, no mercury, no UV protection for the human body. Replacing fluorescent light fixture with led is the first choice. LED Tube Lights VS Fluorescent, LED Tube Lights can easy beat fluorescent tube.

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