As we known, Lighting installation ways usually divided into three ways, recessed into ceiling, surface mounted and suspending. We select the appropriate installation way besed on the housing space deisgn, labor cost, and special lighting needs ects. Today we would like to share some led recessed lighting kits, such as  recessed downlights, recessed track lights and recessed panel lights so on.

Best Recessed Lighting

What is the recessed lighting?

When we installed the recessed lighting lamps, the lamp body is embedded in other parts of the building or other objects, we can only see the  the luminous side of the lamp from the outside.In recent years Recessed ceiling lights are greatly welcomed by people, because this lamp is not only beautiful but also saves a lot of space, so many people like to use this embedded lighting.

LED Recessed Lighting Kit Introduction


UP-DL103 Recessed Downlight 



LED Recessed Downlights

UP-TL21 Embedded LED Track Lights

Recessed Ceiling Track Lights

UP-Recessed PL-U LED Panels

LED Recessed Panel Lights

Discover how our led recessed lighting products brightened your housing space. Later we would like to recommend different lighting installation ways. if you are interested in more recessed lighting, don't miss us.


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