How to assemble clips? 90% person does not know…

When you want to install downlight, but finding…

How to attach the spring to the downlight
When you find a solution, but finding…
led lighting solutions

Recessed LED downlights come with two simple clips which the user has to attach to the lamp themselves. You can use easy way to install springs on downlight fixtures. Today let us solve the mystery: How to assemble the chips quickly and well!
1, confirm the springs are in proper condition. Same as following picture.
install spring clips to downlights

2. The hook should be inside the downlight bracket and give reactive force. Then insert another end of spring.

downlight spring clip installation

3. Adjust the hook into middle of the spring. Well done!

easy installation led downlight spring

Did you get it? Do not worry! Your super lovely editor prepares a video for you. Just follow it! 



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