Recent years, LED Panel light gradually occupy the main market in led industry. ​In 2014, Chinese led panel export ​0.558 billion usd, years growth 318.94%. Till now thousands of factories are producing led panels with different price and quality.

How to distinguish the durable and bad quality panels in the market? we need to know below tricks:
​Good heat disspation:
​​1) chips: rated current 60mA, if actually use 55mA, protect chip lifespan, and good heat dissapation.
2) Aluminum PCB disspate better than fiber PCB.
3) heat disspation area: 30cm²/w is enough for heat disspation area, but if use 50cm²/w, can be better  for heat sinks.
4) If back cover fits with the frame very well, helps for better heat disspation.
​​5) If with  temperature test report,  standard temperature is: LED junction temperature< 85°, frame< 65°, aluminum PCB< 75°.
​6) Good frame help better heat disspation.

led panel light

Durable chip and driver:
1) led chip with LM79 report, lifespan with 4000hrs.
2) driver with high quality components, 2000 times on/off test.
3) ​​stick reflective sheeting on light guide plate to prevent led panel from dusk and wet, if without this paper, can save material cost and labor cost.
But in future, when the dust or humid wet enter the panel, you will see there are dots or dark.

​​​Some engineers buy some very cheap panel in the market to analyze for cost. 
They found:
1) the frame is not heavy as high quality.
2) they used Chinese Light Guide Plate .
​3) used cheap chips from small companies , like led strip led.
​4) driver with cheap components, even if certificates approval.
5) Rough finish.

There would be some disadvantages soon:
1) with lighter frame, cheap chips, some chips would die after longer usage with not enough heat disspation.
2) China Light Guide Plate: some supplier use recyclable material for cheap cost, this LGP will not influence the brightness,
but will become yellow after 1 year. If reflecting foam on LGP not closely covered, will loose after aging, cause some dark field, and bad lighting uniformity.
​​​3) Cheap chips, cause much lumens depreciation, not consistent in colors. Maybe in the beginning the lumens output is high, but after some time, will become dim.
4) Driver cost based on the material and scheme. Which will influence the stability and lifespan. Especially for some countries with not stable voltage.

​When cheap price surprises your eyes, keep head calm, and distinguish the durable quality from bad cheap led panel light.

​About more tricks for distinguishing a good panel, please write to me and discuss together.

Thank you!

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