Our UPSHINE would like to introduce some clean lighting tips for you guys. Cleaning the lights regularly is best perfect for your house looking and light will be more brighter than unclean light bulbs. More improtant it can keep more energy saving. now we usually use led lightings which are long life span time. this is also the best ways to save your money on lamps spending. Here are some tips and tricks to freshen up your led lights and fixtures.

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Before cleaning, Paying more attention to turn off the bulb and make sure it cool down. because you should avoid the risk of burns or shock.

1.How To Clean Glass Chandelier?

Crystal chandelier should be regular cleaned. you can use a a spray bottle and Spritz direct injection to each crystal. later wipe up them with a dry and microfiber cloth. if your home chandelier is small, you can take it down and lay it on a table. if the Chandelier size is big, you can clean with the help of a stepladder.

2.Light bulbs

Now led light bulbs is coming with long life hours. which can become quite dusty, simply wipe them off with a soft cloth. easy wasy to get the rid of dust and dirt.

3.Pendant Light

Clean Pendant Light shades by dipping soapy water to wipe the dust off. Wipe bulbs and extension rods and cables with a dry cloth.

4.Recessed light

To access them with a ladder, in order to clean more thorough , wipe the insides of canisters and the bulbs with a slightly damp rag.

5.Led Ceiling light

Ceiling light fixtures can be a dusty. clean the outside of your fixture as well as the inside with a duster and use that with microfiber cloth or just a damp rag.

It’s May now, we can feel the summer is coming now, let’s us do a clean on our home lightinhg, regular clean can keep a best and fresh environment.

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