We always look for some low cost but high quality light fixtures to keep our wallet happy and enjoy more nice life. As we known, all kinds of indoor decor lighting designs adopt recessed led downlights,  special for that ready have recessed lighting. If you update old recessed lights to best recessed adjustable led downlight, easy to meet the lighting distribution you want!

Recessed adjustable led downlight might be the best option for you, Whether it is energy saving or cost saving, this item you are not go worng with it. One of best UPSHINE adjustable led downlights, DL77 recessed adjustable led downlight, It also calls Gimbal LED downlight and be popular in recently LED market. Like other recessed led downlights, 2.5/4/6inch adjustable led downlights to choose from. 

Let's us see the adjustable degree of this hot led adjustable downlights

recessed adjustable led downlight

 35degree rotating in vertical direction , 350degree rotating in horizontal direction

Main Features of Recessed adjustable led downlight 

  • Energy Saving 
  • Long lifespan of 40,000 hours
  • Dimmable when using triac dimmer
  • 15/24/36/45/60 degree beam angle
  • CCT: 2700K 3000K 4000K 5000K
  • Certificate:CE RoHS SAA
  • IP20 for indoor use only
  • Applications:office, supermarket, shop, school, hotel,stairway, lobby, reception, corridors ects.
  • No UV/IR light
  • Environment friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances

led adjustable downlights

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