Will you be attracted by clothes in show window or shop? It looks so beautiful and elegant! Will you have a strong appetitle in supermarket or fruit shop? It looks so fresh and tasty!

Why? Quality is first, but the High CRI Lights also play an important role!

High CRI LED Lights Post

What is CRI?

CRI is the abbreviation of Color Rendering Index. It  is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. According to  International Commission on Illumination (CIE) , the value often quoted as ‘CRI’ on commercially available lighting products is properly called the CIE Ra value, ‘CRI’ being a general term and CIE Ra being the international standard color rendering index.

Numerically, the highest possible CIE Ra value is 100, and would only be given to a source identical to standardized daylight or a Black body (incandescent lamps are effectively blackbodies), dropping to negative values for some light sources. Low-pressure sodium lighting has negative CRI; fluorescent lights range from about 50 for the basic types, up to about 90 for the best tri-phosphor type. Typical LEDs have about 80+ CRI.

Researchers use daylight as the benchmark to which to compare color rendering of electric lights. In 1948, Bouma described daylight as the ideal source of illumination for good color rendering because :
♦ it (daylight) displays a great variety of colours
♦ makes it easy to distinguish slight shades of colour
♦ the colours of objects around us obviously look natural
Higher CRI, better color rendering, the presentation of the colors more real, more colorful,reflect the best of object, such as Apple:

High CRI Lights Post

The importance of high CRI LED Lights on your markting.

When architects, designers and shop owners choose lights, most of them will consider the power , the appearance, the color of light since the early days of electric lighting.

A high CRI score will enhance skin tone, hues and textures, making rooms and the products and people in them look their best. It is very important for customers to be attracted by  your high CRI products and ultimately increasing your markting sales.


UPSHINE ALL Products, the CRI at least CRI>80, some models CRI>90, Use high quality SHARP COB or CREE COB chip. Such as our LED Track Light and Mini Downlight, True color rending index.  More information, please contact with me !

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