Want to make your grocery store can be more prominent in the local and keep more customers returning to the grocery store more times. How to do that? grocery store lighting can play a key role in your supermarket deisgn. Lighting used in supermarkets can be divided into three series. Task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. 

Grocery Store Lighting

Task lighting

Task lighting, one of the grocery store lighting fixtures, like sale service desks, check-in registers and storage areas. This area lighting design should be more brighter compared than general lights. High performance lighting can let your worker more efficiency and ease eyes fatigue. At the same time, your customers can quickly and more learly confirm things they want.

Task Lighting

Accent Lighting

Grocery store accent Lighting, in order to highlight some foods or other things you want customers to pay more attention to them, we usually adopts led accent light fixtures to achieve it. Such as led track light or ceiling spotlights are suitable for this area, Let the customer notice this at first glance.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting used in supermarkets are more popular now, Especially in special festivals, advertising areas, we need to attract the attention of customers. High CRI decorative lighting can best be used in conjunction with other lamps.

Colorful and bright presentation is very important in Grocery Store LED Lighting applications, especially when displaying items that appeal directly to the senses. LED lighting used in supermarkets is not only saving more energy, but also longer lifetime can save more miantain costs. Are you ready to update your grocery store lighting fixtures? Contact us, we would like to make a best lighting plan.

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