Have you ever heard sunset dimming led downlight? Or maybe you’re fashion and already used the sunset dimming led downlight.

Today, I want to share more information of this led downlight with you.

Sunset dimming led downlight, as the name implied, the dimming effect like sunset: warmly, dimming color temperature from 2000k to 2800k, this downlight are very popular in North Europe now, such as Switzerland, Norway, Denmark etc.

sunset dimming IP54 2.5inch 3inch led downlight

Special Features :
● MINI Size, perfectly directly replacement for halogen bulb
IP54 Waterproof, perfect for bathroom, kitchen, etc damp area
● Gimbal & Fixed for choice
● Sharp COB led
● Different Bean Angle 24° 36° 60°
● External driver, dim or non-dim optional
● CE ROHS SAA Approval
● Elegant Design,Impressive texture and workmanship.
● NEW Sunset dimming (2000-3000K) color changing version available.
● Anti-glare value, UGR<19, protect eyes

The above DL63 is one of sunset dimming led downlight, we have more other family sunset dimming downlight, welcome contact us to know more details.

By Aimee Lau
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