Upshine Lighting, as a leading commercial LED manufacturer, always create fantastic lighting atmosphere and suitable lighting soluctions. With high precision technologies to walk in the lighting market front. Right now we would like to introduce popular LED Lights with Slide Switch Function, another proprietary technology from UPSHINE.

Color Changing LED Lights for Home


Benefits of Color Changeable & Dimmer Switch LED Lightings

Compared to regular version, the color changing LED light fixtures are controlled by slide switch, which aims at reducing your stock by different color temperature and enables end users to choose suitable color for different applications freely. It is no doubt that our customers can reach a good experience. For example during the Summer, we can choose cold white; in the Winter, we can select color to warm Light. 8-100% dimming range can best suitable for reading, cleaning or sleeping time.

Simple Slide Swith Operation

Flexible CCT changing between warm white, natural white and cold light, from 2700k to 4000k to 5700k. Dial switch , one light has three colour optional, easy choose colour by button on the back of light fitting. you can also dim by triac dimmers, it is compatible with worldwide famous dimmers. Meanwhile it can easy come back to the initial color.

Dimmer Switch LED Lightings

color changing LED light fixtures


Color Changing UPSHINE LED Lights for Home

With the development of our R & D technical capabilities, Most of LED lighting fixtures can achieve slide switch function. Such as LED downlights, LED ceiling lights and led panel lights ect.

UPSHINE Color Changing LED Lighting Fixtures


UPSHINE devotes itself in researching, developing and manufacturing a full range of lighting products with most cost-effective solution, including Dial switch and Wall Switch functions. if you want to learn more informations, Please learn us.


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