How to improve your jewelry stores performance? you are not go wrong with best lighting for jewelry stores, awesome jewellery shop lighting design will make your store looks more attractive, let your customers can pay more attention to main and hot products. As we known, jewelry store lighting can be individed into too blocks, one is jewellery showroom lighting, other is jewelry display lighting. Lighting play a key role in your jewelry shop, you can consider to update them and bring more business.

best lighting for jewelry display

Lights for Jewelry Showroom

Generally, lights for Jewelry Showroom usually refer to the ceiling light fixtures, such as recessed downlights, surface ceiling lights. Lighting the entire area and make the Jewelry Showroom more bright. it's more convenient for customers to communicate with shop assiants. Low UGR and high cri led downlight can best suitable for jewelry showroom lighting. we would like to show you some jewellery shop lighting design. you will find most of jewelry store's lighting adopt recessed downlights, which are high efficiency and energy saving.

jewelry store lighting tricks

Check Advisable LED Downlights for Jewelry Showroom

Portable Jewelry Display Lighting

In addition to the entrie Jewelry store lighting, jewelry display lighting fixtures always use small and stylish LED spotlights, Usually we can via the Jewelry Display windows to view the Some jewellery,diamond and gold etc.In order to better show products, inducling appearance, color and texture ects. Best Lights for jewelry display or jewellery cabinet is very important.Using Excellent heat dissipation and good CRI Led spotlights are right.

Jewelry Spotlights

Hot Sale Jewelry Spotlights 

Surely there are many jewelry store lighting tricks,led lighting for jewelry stores you should miss it, why? saving energy and longer lifespan led lighting fixtures will not only giving you more bright space, but also bring you customers different shopping experiences. 

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