How to select best led downlights 2018? which is the the perfect lighting solution for commercial? About these questions, Upshine would help you to find out best downlights and make  people’s lives
safer, more inspired, energy saving and comfortable. Best downlights 2018 reviews from Upshine is below!

Top 5 Best Downlights 2018 From Upshine

1.DL41 Best Dimmable LED Downlights
Upshine's purpose of technological innovation is to improve people's quality of life. This intelligent control led downlight is gorgeous, the control system use bluetooth technology to connect lights throughout an entire home via a free APP on a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. No wires, no router, no remote, and no WiFi signal is needed. This is why we first introduce it. Best dimmable led downlights is not only having 2700k-5700k color changeable, 5%-100% dimmable function, but also  with IP54 rates for the LED cover, IP40 for other part. It will fit the needs of any indoor space.

DL41 Best Dimmable LED Downlights

2.DL54 Best LED Downlights For Home 
Compared with DL41, DL54 have the different lighting apperance design, But this LED downlight also with bluetooth wireless control system offers consumers an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to personalize and control a home lighting system. Meanwhile slide switch for color selection can best improve customer experience!

DL54 Best LED Downlights For Home

3.DL97 Smart LED Recessed Downlight

Smart downlights in 2018 is popular, Why we choose this Upshine DL97 recessed downlight? Apart from using bluetooth technology and slide switch to control color temperature and brightness, DL97 led
downlight  can also supply with a Wi-Fi remote controller and it can also be conveniently used to be operated through regular switches or mobile phone. You can have complete home lighting control right
in your pocket.can be realised. The above three all feature with dimming and colour switchable functions.

DL97 Smart LED Recessed Downlight

4.DL22 Best LED Recessed Lights
Featuring with high power Citizen COB led chips, Recessed led downlight offers high quality luminaire construction highly efficient heat dissipation. Variuos cutout sizes and wattages you can choose from. High CRI can create high-end performance lighting effect, More better Cost-efficiency in led lighting operations and maintenance.

DL22 Best LED Recessed Lights

5.DL77 Adjustable LED Downlights
Upshine Adjustable downlights has received favorable comments from our customers, it has adjustable head for different lighting directions, 350 degree in horizontal direction and 35 in vertical
direction can be realised. Best lighting solutions for many applications, such as  office, supermarket, shop, school, hotel, stairway, lobby, reception, corridors etc.

DL77 Adjustable LED Downlights

Everyone has the different understanding of best downlights, after all everyone’s needs are different.But high quality, high technology and high services downlight products are always popular.If
you want to learn more best led downlights, don't forget to contact us, we would like to share you more new models we developed. Best Downlights 2018 From Upshine are far more than these!


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