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What is Fake Artificial Skylight Ideas

Artificial Skylight has been came into our sight in 2015, developed by scientists in Italy it's called koa Lux it's been nominated for the light source innovation of the Year award at 2014’s Lux Awards.  it looks like sunlight but it isn't, it's a brand new kind of artificial skylight which for the first time recreates the same scientific process that makes the sky appear blue.

Coelux Artificial Skylight Technology

this is sunshine we have, but we also have everything else that goes along with sunshine. we basically didn't want just to reproduce the effect not just taking with the projector something the blue lights.all we wanted really to reproduce what happens in the real nature.   

so this is the sky and we built the Sun led-based low consumption source and our goal is to create in the people looking at the Sun and it ends the sky the perception of infinite depth. artificial skylight lighting is a weird idea!

artificial skylight lighting


Natural light VS Artificial Light 

In here, we would like to talk about natural light and artificial light, and why fake skylight ideas will produce,Big difference between natural and artificial light is light source. But natural and artificial light are not allowes to leave each other.

natural light vs artificial light

What is Natural Light?

What is meant by natural light, Natural light's main source is coming from the Sun, Natural lighting is bright in day and effect our life. In the area when there was no electricity, nature bright sun light is not only important for human, but also for any lifes in the world.  In the mondern, natural light can not replace by theses artificial lights . in the future Natural sunlight will also play a key role in the world.Every day every time we can feel the benefits of natural light.

What is Artificial Light?

Contrasted with natural light, artificial light' light sources is different.Like lightbulbs and lamp we use are the artificial sources. Flexiable artificial lights can easy suitable for different applications. kinds of shapes and colors artificial lights also form a some complementarity with natural light.

Artificial Skylight is a good proof that we hope to find a balance between natural light and artificial light. In order to enhance the convenience and make people's mood more pleasant. Artificial Skylight, we also calls it as artificial natural light, even you stay in indoor, which make you can look the sun and enjoy the sky.


                       Artificial Lights ‘s Application



 Artificial Sky technology is the perfect lighting for hospitals and healthcare facilities, in the healthcare industry there are coming from a sort of benefits to the legs of the patient and the people you know who might be in full health.   

healthcare skylight


Natural sunlight will make us feel more happy, but we spend many time in home,so in order to make room full of sunlight, artificial skylight will play a best role. Such as bathroom, basement, living room ects. residential skylights is popualr.

residential skylights


In some commercial places,like retail store, gyms and swimming pools and car parks, commercial skylights will give the customers more easy and bring them the daylight feeling and =make the spaces a lot more pleasant.  

commercial skylights

The Future of Artificial Natural Light

About the artificial skylight lighting, we will first in love with this design, because we need the outdoor we need the space. it's enough to give you something above some pressure that you suddenly are believing that you are outside. But consider the the cost of skylight and the price of skylight make people stop try it. Some questions are also appearing, like is it feel the heat from it like the sun? Is it warm? Or is it harmful for people in long time use? But There are many people who think this is a wonderful architectural development, they think potential solutions for building interiors are almost limitless. As a lighting Manufacturer, we will keep our eyes on new lighting technologies and put more attention to human’s  lighting experiences.


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