Modular Design will lead the tendency in LED industry, advantages of modular design would be more obvious, Why? we wuld like to introduce you modular design and advantages of using modular design!

advantages of modular design

1. What’s modular design ?

Modular design is a design approach that creates things out of independent parts with standard interfaces. This allows designs to be customized, upgraded, repaired and for parts to be reused

2. Why modular design will lead the tendency in LED industry ?

These years many customers prefer and search led fixture with modular design, the main reasons are:

① Reduce maintenance cost

When a led fixture defective because of some leds, or internal driver, the whole fixture cannot work till replacement of a whole fixture. Which means one defective led = a new whole fixture.

If the led board and driver are modular design, customer only need to replace the defective led board and driver. This can enormously reduce the maintenance cost.

② Reduce Stock cost for multi-function products.

Multi-function already lead the popular tendency in every industry, so does led lighting. When customer purchase emergency version, sensor version, DALI version, 0-10V version, etc, if they have to buy each function by whole fixture, it must cause a big high stock and risk. But if they can only buy one standard fixture, all function as modular parts, they will be so happy to buy all in stock and DIY them upon customer’s need.

③ DIY market drive the modular design

When people love DIY different colors, different shapes, different installation, etc, current standard design cannot meet customers requirement any more. Hence, modular design must create various DIY success.

Above, let’s look forward to a mature modular led industry in structure and multi-functions. 



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