As the Led market becomes more and more widely and competitive, a traditional Philosophy could’t help us to get and steady the market, what we have but others have not, or we have more professional than others, we can gain more orders and broad our market soon.

We UPSHINE is a advanced team who satisfy our customers need , to help our clients to be efficient and cost-effective. Now let me introduce our new and intelligent downlight -the new trend of Europe and Australia market.

New Wifi Dimmable + Color Changeable + Timming LED Downlight.

More convenient ! More beautiful ! More environmentally !

wi fi


Diagram for the whole system
This system is a high performance LED 2.4G+WIFI wireless dimmable and color changeable function product, mainly used on all kinds of LED light which need to be dimmable and color changeable, such as Led bulb, Led ceiling light, Led down light, led panel light, etc.

wifi post

The remote-controller can control the led lights directly, and also can send control signals by mobile phone APP to the WIFI Box to control the led lights, the free grouping function, flexible and convenient operation, gives you a new feeling never experienced before.

You can scan it and control by mobile phone APP.

smarthome app post

Operation instructions will be sent to you once I get your reply.Welcome to email me or come to our factory for a visit! I will show you more qualified goods and service.

Joy Deng

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Sales representitive, specialized in LED downlights, track lights, ceiling lights, panel lights and tubes

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