CL59 LED Downlight

Up-shine SMD LED Down light adopts high lumen SMD LED, PMMA diffuser with even light output. White, silver, chrome surface treatment available for different applications. Triac dimmable, 0-10V dimmable and DALI dimmable version shares great popularity by the excellent dimming effect.

Application: Suitable for commercial and residential applications like office, supermarket, shop, school, hotel, restaurant, workshop, warehouse, home etc.

CL59 High CRI80 LED Downlighting_01High Brightness SMD LED Downlights_02Heat sink LED Downlights_03Shopping Mall LED Downlighting_04 

CL59 Dimmable LED Downlights





Intelligent Control

It can be dimming with UPSHINE SmartHome Control System.
WiFi & Remote & Touch dimming.
Make the light bright and the color change can be intelligent and more easier.
High CRI Dimmable LED Downlights

CRI > 80

High CRI, restore true beauty.
Ideal choice for retail application, enjoy the fun of the light.
SMD Dimmable LED Downlights Chips

SMD Chips

Adopt high luminous efficiency 5630 / 2835 SMD LED, low degradation.
Up to 90 Lm/W, high brightness. Environment friendly.
Dimmable LED Downlights Heat Sink

Unique Heat Sink Design

Artistic heat dissipation structure design with excellent heat dissipation effect.
Guaranted long-term maintenance.
IP20 Dimmable LED Downlights
IP44 Dimmable LED Downlights

IP22 / IP44

Suitable for different commercial and residential applications. Bathroom and other damp area are all available.

Model LEDChip Wattage BeamAngle CCT Lumens Dimension Download
UP-CL59-2-7W 2835SMD 7W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 430-480lm Ø80*39mm cutout 60-70mm Specification
UP-CL59-2.5-10W 2835SMD 10W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 680-720lm Ø85*39.5mm cutout 70-75mm Specification
UP-CL59-2.5-10W-C3+P3 2835SMD 10W 90° 3000K,4000K,5700K 720-850lm Ø85*39.5mm cutout 70-75mm Specification
UP-CL59-3-13W 2835SMD 13W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 930-1095lm Ø110*38mm cutout 90-100mm 110*110*38mm cutout 90-100mm Specification
UP-CL59-3-13W-P3 2835SMD 13W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 920-1120lm Ø110*38mm cutout 90-100mm Specification
UP-CL59-3.5-13W 2835SMD 13W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 990-1150lm Ø120*39mm cutout 100-110mm Specification
UP-CL59-4-13W 2835SMD 13W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 940-1200lm Ø145*45mm cutout 120-130mm Specification
UP-CL59-4-18W 2835SMD 18W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 1610-1800lm Ø145*45mm cutout 120-130mm Specification
UP-CL59-4-18W-P 2835SMD 18W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 1390-1680lm Ø145*45mm cutout 120-130mm Specification
UP-CL59-4-18W-P3 2835SMD 18W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 1440-1730lm Ø145*45mm cutout 120-130mm Specification
UP-CL59-5-18W 2835SMD 18W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 1610-1800lm Ø170*45mm cutout Ø140-150mm Specification
UP-CL59-5-25W 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 2120-2520lm Ø170*45mm cutout 140-150mm Specification
UP-CL59-5-25W-P 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 2080-2480lm Ø170*45mm cutout 140-150mm Specification
UP-CL59-5-25W-P3 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 2100-2550lm Ø170*45mm cutout 140-150mm Specification
UP-CL59-6-18W 2835SMD 18W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 1610-1800lm Ø190*45mm cutout 160-170mm Specification
UP-CL59-6-25W 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 2120-2520lm Ø190*45mm cutout 160-170mm Specification
UP-CL59-6-25W-P 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 2130-2530lm Ø190*45mm cutout 160-170mm Specification
UP-CL59-6-25W-P3 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 2200-2630lm Ø190*45mm cutout 160-170mm Specification
UP-CL59-6-35W 2835SMD 35W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 2570-2830lm Ø190*45mm cutout 160-170mm Specification
UP-CL59-8-18W 2835SMD 18W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 1610-1800lm Ø228*45mm cutout 200-210mm Specification
UP-CL59-8-25W 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 2120-2520lm Ø228*45mm cutout 200-210mm Specification
UP-CL59-8-25W-P3 2835SMD 25W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 2200-2630lm Ø228*45mm cutout 200-210mm Specification
UP-CL59-8-35W 2835SMD 35W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 2975-3500lm Ø228*45mm cutout 200-210mm Specification
UP-CL59-8-35W-P 2835SMD 35W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 2840-3500lm Ø228*45mm cutout 200-210mm Specification
UP-CL59-8-35W-P3 2835SMD 35W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 2910-3570lm Ø228*45mm cutout 200-210mm Specification
UP-CL59-10-30W-P3 2835SMD 30W 90° 2700K,4000K,5700K 3000-3510lm Ø280*52mm cutout 230-260mm Specification
UP-CL59-10-45W 2835SMD 45W 90° 2700K,3000K,4000K,5000K 3700-4450lm Ø280*52mm cutout 230-260mm Specification

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