SP77 Dimmable GU10 & MR16 Base LED Spotlights Indoor

4W/6W/8W LED gu10 spotlight bulbs are best replacement for traditional luminaires, This LED spotlight bulbs adopt COB LED chips as a light source, with high brightness and slight light decay. LED  Spotlights are energy efficiency and saving more costs. 

LED sopt lights offer a high color rendering index (CRI) up to 80, Upgrdae your home or workplace with high CRI means colors look true and natural. When using triac dimmer, LED Spotlights can easy be dimmable. Color temperature 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K will meet your different scene needs!

Replace your old Halogen and CFL Bulbs with energy saving COB LED spotlights, same as gu10 base, the wattages of LED spotlights MR16 includes 4watts, 6watts and 8watts. 38°/60° rechangeable LED spotlight bulbs beam angle. Up to 70% energy saving compared to halogen lamp. CE SAA Rohs approved  Indoor LED Spotlights are  widely used in residential lighting, such as bedroom, living room dining room, kitchen etc.

SP77 High Lumen LED Light Bulbs_01High CRI LED Spotlights_02Base Available LED Spot Lights_03
Model LEDChip Wattage BeamAngle CCT Lumens(±5%) Dimension Download
UP-SP77GU10-4W GU10 4W 38°/60° 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K 270-320lm Ø50*56mm Specification
UP-SP77GU10-4WD GU10 4W 38°/60° 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K 250-250lm Ø50*62mm Specification
UP-SP77GU10-6W GU10 6W 38°/60° 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K 370-460lm Ø50*74mm Specification
UP-SP77GU10-8W GU10 8W 38°/60° 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K 590-750lm Ø50*87mm Specification
UP-SP77MR16-4W MR16 4W 38°/60° 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K 270-340lm Ø50*49mm Specification
UP-SP77MR16-6W MR16 6W 38°/60° 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K 400-460lm Ø50*68mm Specification
UP-SP77MR16-8W MR16 8W 38°/60° 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K 640-750lm Ø50*81mm Specification

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