What’s Tunable White? White-Tunable products, have a control signal specifically for adjusting CCT while maintaining nominally constant lumen output. These products may include a second, independent dimming control. White-Tunable products include both “white-white” products that combine the output of 2 LED primaries, and products with 3 or more white and/or RGB LED primaries, so long as they only produce white light as characterized above in response to their control signal.

Tunable White LED Lighting

The Tunable white Technology allows for dinamic lighting control via user input or programmed events. (Human Centric Lighting)

Human Centric Lighting is an ambient lighting system that has been conceived taking into account several factores such as: the quality of the vision, the emotional and biological needs of the people and the reduction of energy waste. It is a state-of-the-art LED technology that enables the adjustable color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K, that is, from warm to cold light.

Given its relevant benefits, such technology can be applied to locations ranging from educational establishments (schools, institutes), commercial premises (shops, offices), factories, health areas (hospitals and nursing homes), residencies, as well as to specific geographical places or spaces lacking natural light.

Seamlessly adjustable colour temperatures –from cool white to warm white – bring natural lighting effects, with all of the associated advantages, from outside to inside, and make it possible to properly target individual needs and situations.

As a result, Tunable White supports the concept of Human Centric Lighting (HCL), which puts people at the heart of lighting design. As well as perfect conditions for reading and working, HCL is primarily focused on the circadian rhythm, which controls, among other things, our body clocks. As studies have shown, cool white light with a high proportion of blue light has a stimulating effect and promotes concentration, whereas warm white light is calming. Therefore, Tunable White creates an environment that helps us in a natural way – just like daylight.

How to make Tunable White products?
1. Tunable Chip: COB /SMD


led cob tunable chip


tunable white led smd

1. Driver System

  • Tunable DALI (Tridonic)
  • 2.4G ( WIFI, Bluetooth)
  • Others

Upshine have a roadmap of Tunable White products in 2018, Let’s see what happens.  

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